Meeting Room, Co Working Space & Hot Desks for hire.

Flexible workspaces to support modern work requirements

Co working space can help to create the divide between work and home life. Providing meeting room & desk hire for professional and personal co-working spaces for remote working.
Working in a hybrid pattern between office and home? Give yourself the space between your never-ending cycle of emails and that one last project that will only take 5 minutes to finish.
Hire a hot desk and take back your home!

As more and more teams now adopt hybrid work, distributed and remote working from each other physical & virtual co working spaces can provide that bridge to collaboration from not being co-located. We can provide both of these environments to support teams through our collaboration zone including a meeting room with latest interactive panel technology to ensure your distributed team members feel as if they are in the room.

Hot-Desking is a great opportunity for people who work remotely and for those who travel large distances for work. It can give you that space to focus without all the distractions of being at home, or it can drastically reduce commuting times as it provides a Hub between your home and your place of work. Not only does it mean you get to spend more time at home but it’s also better for the environment!

We have flexible booking options to suit your requirements and an excellent environment for performing your work. Our desks are electronically controlled and can be raised if you would like to stand and lowered for when you want a seat in our ergonomic desk chairs. Based in the Shildon town centre, there are plenty of excellent cafes and shops to enjoy when you don’t need to be here at your desk.

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