Co-Working Designed for You

PA Workspace was set up in 2021 to provide flexible hybrid co-working spaces for people, teams, and organizations that want flexibility to hire a desk for where they work from. With many organizations not looking to return full time to an office as a result of the 2020 pandemic, people are often now finding their homes are being converted from places of sanctuary from the workday to places where the workday never seems to end. This was extended in 2022 to offer a platform for any business, leisure facility or other organisation which has extra office capacity to make this available for hire on our platform.

PA Workspace provides a solution that gives people the best of both situations. Accessible co-working space where people can access modern ergonomic work desk environments with all the connectivity required to be active members of distributed teams.

Whether you want to hire a desk for an hour, a day or a month we can help you. We have a conference room and video studio available for patrons, this is operated under a subscription service that provides access when you need it at times determined by you.

Flexible Co-Working Spaces available for hire
Flexible work spaces when you need them

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